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From Farm to Glass-Upstate House

Jacob Meglio knows it sounds a little out there, but he swears the beer he makes as head brewer at Arrowood Farms Brewery in Accord tastes better in the hopyard.

And once you’ve had a pint of beer from Arrowood Farms on the farm itself, in the shadow of the hop vines (which grow on eye-catching 20-foot-tall trellises), amidst the sights and surprising sounds of the Norman-Rockwell-as-a-beer-enthusiast setting, you tend to agree.

The farmhouse brewery, which opened in July, is an organic farm where local ingredients and sustainability are not just marketing buzzwords but a way of life.

“We wanted to brew beers that captured the flavor of this region,” says Blake Arrowood, who conceived of the farm brewery and handles the agricultural side of the operation. To accomplish that goal, Meglio is focused on brewing approachable beers that highlight local ingredients.

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