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Monday, February 22nd we will be closing due to the SNOW! Stay warm!

A True Farm Brewery

Situated between the Catskills and Shawangunk mountains, in the heart of New York's Hudson Valley, lies the historic hamlet of Accord -- home to Arrowood Farm Brewery.

Beer from the Ground Up

It’s here in the Hudson Valley, at Arrowood Farms, where we craft ‘Beer from the Ground Up.’ It’s what we do day in and day out, season to season, in our relentless pursuit to find the perfect expressions of our terroir – the Hudson Valley.  Above all, the farm is our foundation. It’s where we began, digging in–cultivating our land, ourselves and our process. The Farm is what we build upon.


Arrowood Farm lives and breathes

As farmers, our relationship with beer begins and ends with agriculture. As brewers, we know these ingredients will express themselves in our beer as reflections of time, place and people.  Come visit and see for yourself. Step outside our tasting room and find yourself surrounded by life: our hops, fruits, herbs, chickens, ducks, pigs and bees. Take a few more steps into the surrounding forest where you’ll find us forever foraging for ideas and ingredients.

Meet the Team

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Blake Arrowood

Co-Founder and Managing Partner
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Jacob Meglio

Co-Founder and Managing Partner
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Justin Markham

Head Distiller
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Matt Schulze

Head Brewer
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Jaclyn McGarril

Director of Hospitality
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Max Mohrmann

Kitchen Manager
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Maya Goldman

General Manager
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Tiffany Verney

Assistant Manager
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Dylan Gurney

Assistant Brewer
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Luz Markham

Wedding/Event Coordinator