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Wholistic Hops

Arrowood Farms Brewery and Tasting Room, located in the pastoral hills of Accord, is celebrating its recent certification as one of the few organic farm-breweries in the state. It is operated under the notion – the obsession, really – that beer is best “grown from the ground up.” To that end, farmers Blake Arrowood and Jessie Lotrecchiano and brewmaster Jacob Meglio grow an acre of hops and ten of Danko rye on-site.

The hopyard, which holds six different varieties, is situated right next to the tasting room, so visitors can relax on the patio and watch the neighboring sheep graze their way through the 20-foot-tall trellises, providing free weed and pest control. A large flock of heritage ducks splashes around a small pond. They have a job to do, too: They’re free to roam to “fertilize” the hopyard. In the distance, a row of beehives provides a home to busy pollinators. And a small herd of pigs resides under the canopy of a wooded area on another side of the property. They take care of the waste grain from the brewing process.

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