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Newly opened Arrowood Farms microbrewery in Accord earns organic certification

Ever since New York State’s new Farm Brewery enabling legislation took effect in 2013, overturning decades of restrictions on domestic alcoholic beverage production that dated back to the days of Prohibition, it seems like we have at least one new microbrewery, craft distillery or cidery in the mid-Hudson Valley to write about every month. It’s all good news, helping to establish our region as a terroir for more than just wines and boosting the local economy with additional excuses for tourists to pay a visit and leave some dollars behind.

But Arrowood Farms, based in Accord, is more than just another craft brewery startup. It’s a holistic enterprise that aims to integrate all aspects of farm production into an essentially self-sustaining, cyclical system. “We’re closing the loop. One product’s output is another product’s input,” says brewmaster Jake Meglio. “Our goal is to have all our products somehow returned to the beer.”

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